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Muntú-Bantú “Afro-Colombian Social Foundation”, expresses its acknowledment and thanks to those people who, with their spirit of generosity and altruism, have contributed to its growth, expansion and visibility. These people coincide with our objectives when considering that this is a space from which all human beings are given the opportunity to know each other and learn to live together. 


Mariana Garcés Córdoba

During her period as Minister of Culture 2010 - 2018, she actively provided her support with two practitioners. She became an ambassador of our Institution, disseminating and spreading the existence of this Memory Center.


Luis Edmundo Astorquiza

With the aim of reinventing ourselves, we began the search for new friends to guide us in this regard, and that is how we met the owner of, with whom we thought about making strategic alliances that would allow us to have a innovative commitment to virtualize the experience of the Afrodiasporic Memory Center to make it visible in the digital ecosystem.

leidy angulo2.jpg

Leidy Angulo

The Inclusion for Peace Program (IPA), funded by USAID and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has led with Leidy Angulo, its Deputy Coordinator, different initiatives that contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the heritage and cultural diversity of the IPA. It has sponsored us by financing this web page, carrying out a complete curator and publishing the memory of the ten years.


Francisco Moreno Mosquera

In his professional practice, he learned about this project and joined it, with his company Producciones Educativas Digitales S.A.S since 2017, to take Muntú Bantú into the digital age through advanced technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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