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1. Work in alliance with official and private entities, educational institutions, NGOs, community councils, urban and rural women's, youth and ethnic organizations that work for harmonious coexistence with the environment, respect and fulfillment of rights. human and ethnic.


2. The commitment to justice and social equity in decisions and actions.


3. Teamwork as a guarantee of joint construction of knowledge and the development of valid actions for the fulfillment of the objectives


4. Integrity and quality of results in the commitments and works that are implemented.


5. Solidarity, understood as support and cooperation in the different actions.


6. The dialogue of knowledge, exchange of ideas and experiences to enrich the action and the projection of the work.


7. Interculturality, promoting a respectful relationship between different cultures, ethnic groups and generations


Muntú Bantú, Afro-Colombian Social Foundation, will be in 2019 an organization of recognized positioning and leadership in the national and international context.


1. To develop education and training activities to strengthen the human and spiritual talent of people of African descent.


2. Promote the recovery, dissemination, conservation and visibility of Afro-Colombian historical memory

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