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Realidad Aumentada

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Asistente Virtual Alexa


Muntú Bantú adapts to the new trends of the modern world. Now our Afro memory center has Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which allow the objects in the different rooms to come to life and interact with you, making your visit to the center an enriching experience.

How to use these tools in the centre's facilities


Muntú Bantour and Augmented Reality

Use the tablets available at our facilities (or use your own cell phone), which have the Muntú Bantour and Zappar tools. The first allows you to take a tour of the rooms without the need for a guide, while the second allows you to view each individual object with augmented reality. You can access these tools through your own cell phone, scanning the following codes:

código qr RA.png
zappar qr.png

Código de acceso a Muntú Bantour

Código de acceso a Zappar

To view augmented reality, open Zappar and focus on any object, image, or sculpture that is marked with a logo like this:



Then you will get an oral and written description of the piece, hear the voices of some characters, watch videos, and hear sounds of animals and instruments.

Virtual assistant

In each room there is a device like this, called ALEXA, equipped with artificial intelligence and acting as a virtual assistant.

amazon echo.jpg

This speaker will answer your questions about room content or absolutely ANY topic (ask whatever you want). Note that before you ask a question, you must first say, "ALEXA!" The device will then emit a blue and green light, indicating that it is listening to you and that you are ready to speak. Alexa is not only able to dialogue with you but to follow orders, such as playing a song, putting on a station, giving you information about the weather, current events, sports, science, etc. turn lights on or off and much more.

Enjoy your visit!

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